United Zion Church

On February 27, 1907-at the East Pennsylvania Conference of the Evangelical Association a meeting held at Shamokin, PA and a  resolution was passed to sell the church and other property in Fredericksburg. Pursuant to that resolution, Milton F. Werner, Jacob Darkes, and Samuel W. Miller-all Trustees of the Evangelical Church sold the church property to John G. Light, J.H. Bicksler, John H. Brandt, and Ephraim Peffley-all Trustees of the United Zion Children’s Church in July 1909.  This new church was a sect of the German Baptist Church.

Zions Children Church-ca 1915

Zions Children Church-ca 1915

With the sale of the church property in 1907 from the Evangelical Church to the United Zion Children’s [United Zion Church], now finalized, the new congregation set about the business of serving the community.  The history of this church spans a period of 53 years in Fredericksburg.  Several pastors during this time included; Rev. John A. Brandt [from 1932-1960], Rev. John H. Bicksler, Rev. Daniel H. Miller, Rev. Harvey D. Miller, and Rev. David L. Bicksler.

Rev. John A. Brant served the longest of any of the ministers for this congratulation.  Not only was he a minister, but he sold insurance and had a notary business for many years in town.  Always planning for the future, Rev. Brandt was well liked by those he served. On May 28, 1960 at a meeting of the United Zion Church in Manheim Township, in Lancaster County, PA is was resolved by the general conference committee to grant the authority to the Trustees of the local church to sell the property.  On August 165, 1960, John A. Brandt, Daniel H. Miller, Charles Y. Raber, and Henry A. Kreider, all  Trustees of the United Zion Church sold the property to Joseph & Betty Vance for $2500.00 cash.  Over the next twenty five years the building was a residence for most of those years.  The building was also utilized as a woodworking shop and an auto repair shop for a couple of years.  The last private over of the property was Kevin & Julia Organtini who in 2007 sold the building and land to the Fredericksburg Baptist Church.  This congregation, new to the town has a short history of only six years.  The pastor is Rev. Robert Garber who along with his wife Virginia Garber serve the community from their small church.  The congregation numbers about 5o persons, who are from the neighboring area.  This building has a long tradition of service in the


Photograph courtesy of Lebanon County Historical Society