Fredericksburg Post Office

In the year 1826 a Post Office was established in the small hamlet of Stumpstown, Pennsylvania. Between January 1st and May 31st of 1825, an application was filed to have a new Post Office established in this place and Doctor Amos Shannon appointed the first Postmaster. It was noted in the application that the village was located two hundred forty three miles from Washington D.C. and eighty three miles from the capital of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg. The name established for this community was euphonious, and was easily pronounced by the German tongue.

It should have been retained, but in the spring of 1842, at the suggestion of certain fastidious individuals, who probably associated the name with the stumps of forest trees, petitioned a change with postal authorities in Washington to rename the town Fredericksburgh after Frederick Stump’s [first name]. A number of persons regretted the change, for the reason that mail, destined for the town was frequently sent to the post office at Fredericksburgh in Virginia. The contraction of the name of Pennsylvania in the address looked very much like the name of Virginia, and the postal clerks of the time not being educated up to the point of the present incumbents by any civil service requirements.

Fredericksburg Post Office-circa 1930

Fredericksburg Post Office-circa 1930

Over the years the location of the Post Office has changed. As early as 1875 the location was 114 E. Main Street [site of Verl Gingrich’s Restaurant], and nearly 40 years later in 1930 the new location was 112 W. Main Street [former home of Edward Stroh-cigar manufacturer]. Still later at the onset of World War II, when Ray Deck was the postmaster, it was moved across the street at 115 W. Main Street [old Edward Sholl’s Store]. In 1988 the location was changed again to 3024 S. Pine Grove Street when land was purchased from James B. Ream. This is the current place of operation.

Curtis R. Batdorf-circa 1918

Charles R. Batdorf-circa 1918

The following men and woman have served in the position of Postmaster;

Postmasters: Date of Appointment:
Amos Shannon January 1, 1826
Jacob Rudy January 12, 1839
David Feehrer February 15, 1841
David Spangler February 4, 1842
Fredericksburgh; Changed to Fredericksburgh on Feb 4, 1842
William Sarge July 6, 1846
Levi Bickel January 14, 1848
John H. Lick May 11, 1849
William Gelbach June 18, 1853
John Paine January 17, 1855
Samuel Weaber March 17, 1858
Levi Shiffler April 5, 1861
Edward Stroh August 12, 1885
Israel Hay May 29, 1889
Fredericksburgh; Changed to Fredericksburg on May 5, 1893
Calvin R. Stroh May 5, 1893
John H. Sherk June 20, 1898
Adam H. Deck July 30, 1914
Charles R. Batdorf January 19, 1929
William Koehler July 2, 1936
Edna Koehler May 9, 1940 (Acting)
Ray A. Deck June 30, 1940
Arlene L. Deck June 18, 1943 (Acting)
Ray A. Deck February 15, 1946
Isaac H. Albright January 11, 1974
Kenneth M. Koser March 10, 1990
Dennis E. Machamer April 17, 1993
Bernadette L. Stumpf October 23, 1999
Linda M. Miller March 18, 2006
Doris J. Umberger June 30, 2012-Current Postmaster

On the map below dated circa 1898-details the nearest communities to the Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania Post Office. Listed on the map are Hamlin (3 miles), Greble (5 miles), and Mt. Zion (also 5 miles). All of the neighboring locations each had their own Post Office and circulated mail. The map also details that Jonestown is (3 miles) distant and that was the nearest railroad station with the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad servicing the town for mail delivery. At the point of delivery in Jonestown, the mail carrier would pick up the mail and deliver to those families on their respective routes.

Post Office Map-circa 1898

Post Office Map-circa 1898

Some of the Postal Carriers who worked the routes in and around Fredericksburg included-Joseph Behney, John Klinger, Jacob F. Strauss, Percival L. Strauss, Edwin H. Boeshore, John Byle, and Milton F. Werner [pictured below with his family] among others men who served the community.

Milton Werner Family-circa 1921

Milton F. Werner Family-circa 1921

Post Office Map-Courtesy of the National Archives-RG28, Photograph of U.S. Post Office in 1930 courtesy of Mathews Library, Fredericksburg; Photograph of Postmaster Charles R. Batdorf-Courtesy of Lebanon County Historical Society; Photograph of Milton Werner Family-courtesy of Denise J. Shearer.