Edward Sholl’s Store

The store was first operated by Levi Sholl  his father as early as 1865 when he acquired the property from Jacob C. Seltzer who moved to Lebanon that year to open a store in that city.

Before Seltzer had the store, it was run by Cauffman Koch, Jacob Michael, and Major Eckert and then Levi Sholl who operated on the site until his retirement in 1892 when he sold the store, stock, and merchandise to his son Edward Sholl.

Edward Sholl Letter-1896

Edward Sholl Bill-1896

Edward Sholl retired from active business just before his death in 1955.  For a time Raymond Sholl the son of Edward worked as a clerk in his father’s store before his death in 1918 at the age of 26.  Edward Sholl died on January 19, 1955 in Fredericksburg and was buried in the family plot at Cedar Hill Cemetery on the outskirts of town.

Sholl when in business bought and sold many items that were of interest to the locals. Pictured to the left is an original bill dated 1896 of items purchased from Jacob K. Haldeman who operated a general store in nearby Jonestown. This bill gives the reader a glimpse into the social history of the community of Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg Square Stores

Edward Sholl General Store-circa 1915






Pictured is the Edward Sholl general store to the left and the Martin Gebhart general store to the right.