Eagle Hotel

Eagle Hotel

Eagle Hotel-1913

The Eagle Hotel has a long history of serving travelers passing through town. Originally established in 1866 when Joseph Behney bought the property from Widow Elizabeth Paine.  Behney originally used the structure as a hotel and sold  liquor. The original name  was the Travelers Repose, and has always been at the same address-at 123 E. Main Street in town.

Later the name was changed to the Cross Key Hotel in 1875 until 1897 when it was simply called the Behney House hotel. In 1906 at the time of Joseph Behney’s retirement, he sold the property to Adam M. Filbert of Lebanon, PA who also owned a liquor establishment at 900 Cumberland Street in Lebanon. While under the ownership of Filbert the hotel was run by A. Harvey Speck who was a veterinary surgeon.  Speck bought the property from Filbert and then sold it in 1912 to Albert Zimmerman who came from Pine Grove, PA.

It was during this period it was called the Eagle Hotel where good simple meals were prepared by the Zimmerman family.  The hotel changed hands after the retirement of Albert to Warren E. Zimmerman his son, who surely the older residents of Fredericskburg would remember. In 1965 the hotel was bought by Mildred Brown and still later by Allen and Joyce Saphore who bought the property in 1973. Today it is the location of Gubba’s Pizza restaurant and which Gregory Heberling has run since 1991.

The image above show Main Street looking west with the Eagle Hotel on the right.  On closer inspection the business sign has the name of Al Zimmerman on the front. The poster on the tree to the right is a political announcement for the candidacy of John H. Swanger who ran against Francis M. Rothermel for the office of Prothonotary of Lebanon County in 1913.