1929 Credit Directory

R G Dun 1929 Directory

The following is a list of businesses from the R.G. Dun Directory of Manufacturers in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania in 1929 (the year of the financial Stock Market Crash in New York City).-specifically for Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania. The company of R.G. Dun (now known as Dun & Bradstreet) has been in the business for many years to rate businesses on their performance and credit.

Click Here to view the Key to Credit Ratings for Businesses below their respective names. The First letter represents the estimated pecuniary strength in dollars for the business and the number afterwards represents the general credit rating worthiness.

C.W. Batdorf-Manufacturer of Carriages
Credit Ratings-G-3
Samuel G. Bicksler-Jeweler
Credit Ratings-F-3
Harry E. Boeshore-Restaurant
Credit Rating G-3 1/2
Samuel Brightbill-Grocer
Credit Rating J-3
Cornelius D. Dundore-General Store
Credit Rating 3
Claude Gassert-Bakery
Credit Rating G-3
Gebhart Brothers [Percival K. Gebhart, John K. Gebhart, Francis Gebhart]-General Store
Credit Rating F-3
Raymond E. Gerhart-Undertaker and Garage
No Credit Rating
David M. Keifer-Blacksmith
Credit Rating M
Harry Kirst-Stoves and Tinsmith Shop
Credit Rating J-4
S. Liebovitz & Sons-Manufacturer of Shirts (Headquarters New York City)
Credit Rating A-A1
Daniel C. Mohn-Manufacturer of Cigars
Credit Rating M-4
Nathaniel Rittle & Son [Oscar K. Rittle]-Flour and Feed Millers
Credit Rating H-3 1/2
Ira Rudy-Bakery
Credit Rating G-3
Edward Sholl-General Store
Credit Rating H- 3 1/2
William C. Spannuth-Miller
Credit Rating M
Jacob F. Strauss-Carpenter and Painter
Credit Rating J-3 1/2
Vincent E. Stroh-Garage and Feed Store
Credit Rating F- 2 1/2
William K. Troutman-Butcher
Credit Rating G-3
Morris L. Wagner-Plumber
Credit Rating J-3 1/2
Martin Wise-Manufacturer of Cigars
Credit Rating K-3 1/2
Albert Zimmerman-Hotel
Credit Rating G-3