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Fredericksburg lies along a daily state route to Jonestown, and it’s shipping depot and banking community 4 miles to the southwest, on the Lebanon & Tremont branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad. It is a village of about 820 person, located in the confines of Bethel Township, about 9 miles north of Lebanon, Pennsylvania-the county seat. The village contains among other smaller businesses; 3 hotels, 4 churches, 1 graded school, 2 flour mills, 1 saw mill, and a brick and tile factory. Grain, lumber, and brick are the chief exports from this industrious community. The village also has a thriving tri-weekly stage that operates from Lebanon.

Fredericksburg Business Directory:
Also spelled Fredericksburgh
Francis M. Bachman, Tile and Brick Manufacturer and Saw Mill
John Barto, General Store
Daniel H. Beaver, Physician
Cyrus Benner, Tailor
Isaac Binner, Insurance Agent
John G. Bohn, Photographer
J.H. Boughten, Insurance Agent
John Boyer, Drugs
William Bressler, Blacksmith
Jacob Buchmoyer, Shoemaker
Michael Buchmoyer, Barber
David Burgner, Blacksmith
Cross Key Hotel, Joseph Behney, Proprietor
Levi Deitzler, Blacksmith
J.F. Deppen, Dentist
Alfred F.Eshleman, Cigar Manufacturer
John Faber, Shoemaker
John Fox, Furniture
Frederickburg House, David H. Trautman, Proprietor
Fredericksburg Mutal Relief Association, Henry S. Good, President
John L. Gebhart, Cigar Manufacturer
Martin Gebhart, General Store
Hiram Gernert, Harnessmaker
Grove Brothers, Flour Mill
John P. Grumbine, Harnessmaker
Simon Heilman, Druggist
George Hoffa & Company, General Store
John Hoffa, Confectioner
William Hoffa, Blacksmith
G.W. Howard, Tailor
Isaac Howard, Tailor
George Kirst, Tinner
Charles Klett, Wagonmaker
Jeremiah Klinger, Carpenter
John Krall, Meat Market
Peter Loose, Wagonmaker
Charles Miller, Hardware
John H. Miller, Carriage Manufacturer
J.B. Moyer, Blacksmith
John Musser, Cooper
S. Oberholtzer & Son, General Store
Miss M. Paddock, Milliner
Nathaniel Phillips, Painter
Samuel Ricker, Justice of the Peace
Martin Rudy, Tanner
William Shaffer [Schaeffer], Blacksmith
Mrs. Levi Shepler, Milliner
Levi A. Sherk, Physician
Levi Shiffler, Postmaster
Levi Sholl, Life Stock
Augustus S. Smith, Physician
Cyrus Snoke, Blacksmith
Kate E. Stein, Milliner
B.Morris Strauss, Lawyer
Strauss House, Percival L. Strauss, Proprietor
Jacob F. Strauss, Cigar Manufacturer and Painter
Edward Stroh, Cigar Manufacturer
Simon Stroh, Carpenter
Simon C. Stroh, Confectioner
Joseph Tobias, Cooper
Henry Ulrich, Shoemaker
F.L. Wagner, Shoemaker
Jacob Wagner, Wagonmaker
Mrs. Levi F. Wagner, Milliner
George Walmer, Carpenter
Jerome Weaber, Saloon
Jonathan Weidman, Meat Market
John Wise, Carpenter
J.C. Zeller, Flour Mill